I took it to myself to give this blog some change and I'm still working on it, so get ready for some new content. If you really want to go back to my cringe old posts simply perfect is still alive even thought Prachi and I have stopped posting. That's one of the reasons why I've decided to start blogging again. I miss blogging and sharing a part of my life on this blog. Not many people follow my blog, but it creates a timeline for me and gives me an output for that creative side of me. I'm hoping to keep a consistent posting schedule with a new post every Sunday and maybe even topics assigned to weeks, who knows.

To start us off, I wanted to do quotes. I'm one of those people that scroll through Pinterest (plug: go follow me on Pinterest @ridalasne) for 2 hours looking at quotes and eventually one of them becomes an Instagram (plug numero dos: follow me on IG @ridalasne) caption or my bio. I especially love looking at female empowerment quotes because at the end of the 2 hour Pinterest session I feel more badass and productive. I don't know why, but it happens. Once in a while, you find that Tumblr post that really hits home and makes you question life  Since I've talked so much about quotes/posts, I'll put a couple below :)

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I Wonder How Many Calories Bitches Burn By Jumping to ConclusionImage result for female empowerment quotes

Stay tuned for more